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 » Travel news » Hue Traditional Crafts Festival 2013 (27/4 - 1/5)  » Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2013
Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2013
2013-05-10 (GMT +07:00)  

A variety of exhibitions for antique selections, many community activities, street arts, installation works, gastronomy of Hue, folk games and so on will be held to impress visitors with the beauty of nature and the hospitality of local people.

     Many artisans and craft villages of pottery, embroidery, silk weaving, lacquer painting, porcelain enamel, conical hat making, wood carving, paper flower making, woodblock printing, gastronomy from Hue will take part in this event. Besides, there will also be the participation of handicraft masters from other provinces nationwide like Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ha Giang, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Ninh Thuan, Gia Lai, Kontum, Binh Duong and so on.

      The exclusive space honoring artisans and craft villages is arranged along the Huong river’s bank with a wide range of activities including products display, demonstrations and creative work by artisans which will entertain viewers and tourists with unforgettable experience. 

     The workshop “Craft Villages with Tourism Industry – Potentials and Bottlenecks” with the participation of prominent researchers, scientists and artisans will be a forum to scrutinize potentials, current status, bottlenecks and development prospects of craft villages in the ancient capital city of Hue.

      Especially, a variety of exhibitions for antique selections to uncover handicraft masterpieces produced hundreds of years ago and an inauguration of the first-ever private museum of antiques with thousands of invaluable items considered as the national most precious objects.

      The Traditional Craft Festival will showcase various art programs and associated cultural events with the participation of artists from Hue, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The opening ceremony will amaze audience with a vibrant and fabulous show. The closing ceremony will be featured with street performances and processions honoring artisans and craft villages. In particular, during the festival the  Metamorphoses exhibition held by FITE (International Festival of Extraordinary Textiles from France) entitled “Heritage On The Move” will introduce the five exceptional know-hows in French textile expertise: the Lyon-style silk fabricated by Prelle factory (in 1880), ribbon textile of Daint Etienne de la Satab, velvet and embossing arts by the workshop of Benoit Toscan d’Amiens - the heir of Royales d’Amiens company, Abusson tapestry and contemporary creations by an artist and a weaver, a textile creation in the exhibition of Lille Futurotextil, an innovation of the French textile industry. The festival also offers various events such as the outdoor fashion show “Magic” during daytime by Designer Minh Hanh in collaboration with Francoise Hoffmann (France), Patis Tesoro (Philippines) and Kinor Yang (Hong Kong); an outdoor exhibition of bamboo works by Ueno Masao, display of clothing printed with images of Hue’s streets by Francoise Hoffman, a display of products made by 20 artisans, creators and designers of different crafts such as hand weaving, frame printing, 3D knitting art, drawing on cloth, embroidery, dyeing, etc.
      Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2013 is a manifestation for the talent of golden-handed artisans from craft villages in Hue and all over Vietnam.